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My Trip to Tropic Skincare Headquarters

About 12 months ago I discovered a range of skincare and make up that literally blew me away.  That may sound a bit daft especially if you know me well as I’m not really a girlie girl and although I know the benefits of a good skincare routine having been a Beauty Therapist 20 years ago and having problem skin myself, I’m not scared of facing the world without make up most of the time.   I discovered Tropic Skincare and make up through BizMums, a business networking group that I am involved with.  I had been searching high and low for products that didn’t test on animals, weren’t full of toxins and harmful chemicals and were also kind to the environment.  I could find products that ticked these boxes but they weren’t particularly pleasant to use and didn’t do the job that they were meant to do.   After being introduced to Tropic by Marie ... read more